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Federal agencies must consider the consequences of their proposed actions on the human environment prior to a decision.

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While the primary intent of CITES is to protect the wild populations of the listed species, CITES Parties also play a role in ensuring that artificially propagated specimens were produced from legally established parental stock and without detriment to wild populations.

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CITES Appendices and that are known to be in trade in the United States as ingredients in medicinal or therapeutic agents or as ingredients in dietary supplements.

This admissibility examination may take place at the border but may also take place at an examination site, a public warehouse, or other appropriate locations.

When the same final container label is applied by different methods such as paper or screen printing, one of each shall be mounted on the same sheet of paper as one submission.

To mitigate the risk of introducing plant pests through the movement of such soil, we will require the soil to be imported directly to an approved biocontainment facility.

The permittee may designate him or herself as the responsible individual. Field trial activities instead of import permit applicant number. The United States and Canada are both considered low risk regions for rabies. The name and address of the person to whom the birds or poultry will be delivered. Update and rescreen inaccurate data.

Hawaii, the person intending to import the dog, or his or her agent, must present the import permit and any applicable certifications and veterinary treatment agreement required by this subpart to the collector of customs for use at that port.

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Citing pest risk concerns, several commenters recommended that all imported biological control organisms be excluded from the draft list of organisms excepted from permitting and that such imported organisms not be eligible for the proposed permit exception process.